Frequently Asked Questions

When do my USFS and SVSC memberships expire?

All US Figure Skating and Skokie Valley Skating Club memberships renew on July 1st.

How do I get a permission letter to participate in a competition, test session or ice show sponsored by another club?

A blanket letter or permission is sent to each club member following registration. Keep the original and make a photocopy for each separate activity requiring a letter of permission. You or your coach can contact the competition, event or test chair to inquire if a permission letter is required. If you have misplaced your blanket letter of permission, contact Janet Scott,

What does "junior" mean?

In figure skating, "junior" can have different meanings and becomes a confusing term.

For testing and competing, "Junior" is the level just below "Senior." The levels are Senior, Junior, Novice, Intermediate, Juvenile, Pre-Juvenile, Preliminary, and Pre-Preliminary. You become a "Junior" when you pass the required tests in Moves in the Field, Freestyle, Pairs, and/or Dance.

For membership, "Junior" refers to skaters in high school and below, which usually correlates to age 18 and below. For example at SVSC, a skater 18 years old and under would be a junior. After high school, that skater becomes a collegiate member. After college, the skater becomes an adult skater or "Senior" member of SVSC.

For some of the scholarships and awards such as the Scholastic Honors Team, junior and senior apply to the year in high school.

Who should I call or e-mail if I have further questions?

Skating can be a bewildering sport. Please feel free to e-mail Blair Klein, the SVSC Junior Activities Chair, at with any questions. Your questions will also help improve the FAQ section of this website.